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Open Every Friday and Saturday 7pm - 3am (Last Entry 1am)  Thur & Sun see What’s On Section. ENTRY for ALL GIGS  & NIGHTCLUB IS 18+ ID is required where requested.
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14-16 King Street Bathgate. EH48 1AX ENTRY for ALL GIGS  & NIGHTCLUB IS 18+ ID is required where requested. 14-16 King Street Bathgate. EH48 1X

Copyright ©Dreadnoughtrock

All rights reserved. Design by RavinMad.

Open Every Friday and Saturday 7pm - 3am (Last Entry 1am)  Thur & Sun see What’s On Section. Whats the Dress Code and Entry Requirements ?

We have a very relaxed dress code for the venue - Jeans, trainers generally anything goes as long as you don’t look like you’ve finished a shift on the building site.

We do ask for any Bike Club Colours and Patches to be checked into the Cloakroom, also strictly NO football team colours are allowed along with Joggers or Sports shorts as it’s not the gym you are going to. Dress shorts are fine for reference.

Entry is still at doorstaff and managements discretion who have the right to refuse entry if required as it is a privately owned venue.

It is 18 plus for entry - ID must be provided when asked for.  Passport / Driving Licence (inc Prov) ok. Please note it is an offence to use a fake ID.

Some items of clothing or bags may be requested to also be searched or checked into the Cloakroom when you visit the club or entry may be refused. No alcohol from outside the venue can be brought in or consumed and will be held until you leave or confiscated.

Opening Hours  :

Open Every Friday and Saturday

Live Level open 7pm - 3am

Cover Charges Vary depending on the Live session so please refer to What’s on page.

(Last Entry is 1am whiich is a West Lothian wide curfew but we have a discretionary limit to 1.30am)

Nightclub Level open 10pm - 3am

Nightclub will get fully underway after the live session wraps up with entry from £5.00

Entry to nightclub 10pm -1am then curfew applies so make sure you come early.

LOST PROPERTY : Please keep your personal belongings with you as we are not responsible for them if YOU happen to lose or leave them behind unattended. If you have left something behind please get in touch via email and we will try to locate your items. We operate and have a secure CLOAKROOM for a small £1 charge to keep your jackets, bags and belongings safe so why not use it and save yourself and our staff the hassle of locating jackets etc on the night or afterwards.

Established in 1972 at the Old Dreadnought Hotel the Rock Disco became a Legend in its’ own right for a great night out and still remains the case 50 years on.

Since those early 70’s the mix of good rock music, the people and good company have made and still make for many a good night at the Dreadnought. The infancy of disco was adapted to play only Rock tracks round the back of the Hotel and the rest is history as they would say.

From those early days in the function room at the Dreadnought Hotel it has slowly evolved over the decades with new audiences, new Rock tunes, new technology and a new two level venue.

Many will have their favourite times at the Old Hotel, no doubt about that but due to factors out with everyone’s control in 2006 few options were left for the Rock Crew when Swallow Hotels went into administration taking the legendary Rock Club with it….well nearly. Sadly falling into decay since we had no option to leave and despite everyone’s fondness of the old place realistically it’s never coming back and like it or not King Street is our new home of Rock which is still run and operated by the same team for all those decades.

We now have a more distinctive and unique Rock Club than ever before with the Spirit of the Dreadnought from the last 50 years still present, very much alive and still rocking on TWO new levels every weekend.

Our regular Rock nights are still known all over Scotland and although we have had to move from our spiritual home the Dreadnought continues on in its very own customised premises on King Street Bathgate EVERY Friday and Saturday Night.

Live music on our live level coupled to the Nightclub makes it the place to come if you love your Live Music and a great night out despite all the covid pandemic could throw at us.

Still playing the best anthem tunes from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s 00’s right upto date in a safe and relaxed atmosphere on the two levels.

Oh and Contrary to most stories you may hear there’s not a lot of hairy leather clad bikers head banging all night long. Just some great people who enjoy their music, have a bit fun and a great night out at a Live session or in the Nightclub.

With your continued support, hard work from all the Rock Crew and you guys that keep coming back again and again we HAVE hit 50 years, which maintains us as the longest running rock club in Scotland - possibly even the world.

We have a great selection of Drinks available on both levels that are the envy of many Live music Venues or Nightclubs and the only one in town that still serves a selection draught beers and ciders.

Prices are on a par with local pubs despite the Dreadnought being a live music and Nightclub venue where some would instantly assume would be much more expensive.

Come in well before the event starts to have a drink from our fully stocked bar and support the venue that is putting on the entertainment you want to see instead of going elsewhere before hand.  

Drinks Selection


OPEN from 7pm - 3am for JACKETS and BAGS at £1 per item.

WAY BETTER and SAFER then leaving your jacket in a corner and potentially LOSING IT !